SD-WAN – undeniably a popular topic. But – similar to ice cream – there are at least 36 flavors – and unlike ice cream – you can’t differentiate by color or taste. Let’s take a quick look at how the Versa flavor of SD-WAN works and how you can differentiate the Versa Networks-as-a-Service (VNaaS) offering and set yourself apart from the competition.

Versa has developed a single architecture that combines network and security. This combination provides a deeper level of defense for branch offices and the WAN. With flexible deployment and hardware options the VNaaS solution can scale more efficiently and at higher speeds than other SD-WAN solutions – looking for a deeper dive? Check out some key differentiators below.

  • A rich set of routing protocols for LAN WAN routing. Traditionally, these protocols are geared towards traditional LANs.
  • There is a built-in 1st class security suite with broad set of L4, L7 and Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities.
  • Open platform strategy – meaning it can be deployed in a virtual environment or bare metal using a whitebox solution – whereas other providers require their own proprietary appliances.
  • Built using Network Function Virtualization (NFV) from the ground up – it’s a true NFV platform with elasticity, templates and policies, and a fully service-chained set of network and security VNFs. Other providers just virtualize a platform image.
  • Full multi-tenancy and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) at every level. Meaning you can designate roles, responsibilities and access from the top all the way down. Other providers offer little-to-no multi-tenancy (some do VRF-level on the SD-WAN controller; others do none) or RBAC.
  • Purpose-built big data application for analytics
  • Built with an extensive set of capabilities using standard protocols. Other solutions use a base set of protocol and transport options

Want to learn more about the Versa Network-as-a-Service offering? Check out our VNaaS solution here.