SD-WAN and SD-Security solutions are becoming mainstream for transforming business networks. A lot of the sales process attention goes to the various features, technology, and vendor comparisons. When selecting an SD-WAN Service Provider or Vendor, a key aspect that is often overlooked is the operational expertise and process for implementing the SD-WAN network. Some things to ask your potential SD-WAN partner are:

  • What is the experience of their implementation engineering team?
  • Do they have validated designs, processes, and templates for provisioning?
  • Can they show you their SD-WAN project turn-up / implementation process?
  • Are they SD-WAN experts or is this just another service to them?
  • Do they have a logical sequence for site deployments?
  • Have they learned lessons from experience?

VergX has been designing, implementing, and operating SD-WAN solutions for over 5 years. Our certified technical teams leverage robust designs, site surveys, repeatable workflow processes, configuration templates, procurement expertise, post-install validations, and analytical tools. We have learned by doing and have made it our company mission to provide best-in-class customer experience and service delivery for SD-WAN and SD-Security services.