There is no doubt COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us. Our country has seen huge impacts in every vertical of business, healthcare, and education. My personal experience in the contact center space, I saw disruption in how business is being conducted. Companies were not prepared to continue regular operations as portions of our nation were shut down. Thankfully, there are adjustments that can be made which allow the blow to lessen.

The unpreparedness can be partially solved with VergX technology. Businesses who have sent partial or entire workforces’ home can extend corporate networks to home offices with SD-WAN technology.  An appliance (SD-WAN router) can easily be connected to home Wi-Fi routers and use the existing internet at their employee’s residences. I have converted my dining room table into my new office, not exactly convenient for dinner time, but we have all had to make adjustments. VergX home offerings such as Secure SD-WAN and VPN as a Service can enable business continuity with secure network solutions.

Companies need to ensure that corporate security and disaster recovery solutions are in place. Another option for the at-home worker is to secure the worker’s devices (PC, mobile phone, tablets etc.) with client software allowing a connection to the corporate SD-WAN network.  This will supply robust security for remote access to business applications.

VergX technology allows workers to use public internet safely and securely, manage threats and risk, and the best part, it is all fully managed! Businesses can benefit by staying open, keeping people employed, and enabling daily functions to continue to be safe for both consumers and workers.

Our team is committed to the channel and our partners.  Please reach out for more information on our product to schedule a demonstration or account map with our team.  We look forward to becoming an intricate part of your “new normal”.