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The wide area network (WAN) and branch networks architectures of the last 20 years have reached a tipping point of complexity, cost and ineffectiveness. The increased cost impacts the retail model for profitability and network complexity creates challenges for PCI compliance adherence. Beyond the business priority for compliance and profitability, the retail customer experience has evolved and is driving a transformation of the in-store experience – from wireless, streaming video and targeted digital signage. Servicing the business and customers requires providing more digital and media-rich services while also being diligent about increasing the security and integrity of sensitive customer data. The legacy retail WAN and branch are not optimized to effectively provide and manage these new customer and productivity experiences.

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Deliver a unique SD-WAN and SD-Security solution to enable the retail industry to truly software-define the WAN and branch with a unified cloud-native software platform approach. This solution delivers integrated networking and multi-layer security services while simplifying and unifying visibility and analytics under a single-pane-of-glass framework. The cloud IP platform virtualizes the branch and WAN enabling faster service delivery, improved application performance and simpler branch and compliance management. The foundation for the future of the in-store retail experience begins with software-defining the WAN, branch and security. The result is solving your customers’ WAN problems today and preparing for the future of more cloud and digital services.