What’s the best way for service providers and MSPs to capitalize on the fast-growing software-defined WAN market?


1. Move To The Cloud & Get Comfortable with the Transition

The movement to SD-WAN will be easier for providers who invest in cloud expertise. Applications and computing have both already made the move – networking is next. If your organization gets comfortable with this shift, this next phase will be easier. Plus an added benefit to the cloud is that size no longer matters. There are small 20 person providers signing thousand site SD-WAN deals.

2. Ease Customers’ Router Migration

There’s a massive opportunity to migrate legacy traditional router infrastructure to SD-WAN.

SD-WAN, is in fact, a networking infrastructure sale and that kind of sale needs careful planning and minimal disruption to the customer. With the VnaaS program, this can be a gradual transition or all at once. The FlexVNF will work with an existing MPLS network, or work with connectivity options to replace it. The larger the customer, the bigger the planning and opportunity for disruption. Perfect that transition. You’ll be the provider everyone wants to work with, the technology will go in smoothly, no business interruption, and the client will immediately begin seeing benefits to their network.

3. Know Your Applications

Many times, applications drive the SD-WAN sale. Know the applications your clients use and how SD-WAN will benefit the application use. SD-WAN enables providers to provide critical value-add to their customer’s applications. Traditionally, routers and switches aren’t application aware – but with SD-WAN that’s one of the key benefits, application-aware routing, and management. Learn what and how your customers are using applications and then how they can be deployed, and then give the right SLA.

4. Drop The Box

SD-WAN is about service, not hardware – which means you – as service providers and MSPs have an advantage in the market. SD-WAN is not just an end around the automation — but it’s also a platform. On that platform, you can provide new cloud services.

5. Embrace the World Of Software

You can’t embrace the cloud, and not embrace the software-defined world. The hardware world and the cloud world don’t work well together, but the cloud and the software-defined are a perfect fit. The future is about selling services and higher layer services – not hardware. Service providers and MSPs have to become experienced enablers, not just connectivity and circuit providers.”

6. Become A Business Enabler

In the past, service providers built complex products, then the channel grew up around those products to provide a layer of management and simplicity to their customer. That was the business. Now instead of providing managed simplicity – enable your customers to do better business. How do I help my customer become more effective and efficient? SD-WAN and SD-Security are on way to do that.

7. Know What’s Out There

Understand what you’re selling. SD-WAN and SD-Security are complex products. If you’re in our VNaaS program, know what the FlexVNF is capable of – know the good, the bad and the ugly. Being a product expert is going to help you deliver value to your customer and recommend the best solution to fit their needs. The business value from SD-WAN is enormous. Understand these solutions and build business opportunities around them.

There is a BIG market for SD-WAN and SD-Security, know the market and know the product. Information is power and also the ticket to being a leader and capitalizing on this opportunity. Here at VergX we’ve partnered with Versa Networks and designed a program for service providers and MSPs to create a cost-effective, scalable SD-WAN and SD-Security offering that seamlessly integrates into their existing product portfolio.  Interested in learning more about our Versa Network-as-a-Service program? Download our info sheet here.