There are several technology trends that are driving the remote branch and home office networks. These include:

  • Availability of low cost and high-speed internet connections.
  • Growing use of cloud-based SaaS applications.
  • Time-sensitive applications such as voice, video, and data collaboration.
  • Need for redundant access connections.
  • More remote “at home” workers.
  • Need to lower IT operational costs.
  • Safe from attacks

New network designs have the branch or home office directly connect to the internet and have routing policies (often referred to as SD-WAN) enabled to ensure optimal application performance. As businesses evaluate new solutions, they must address advanced threats that target the most vulnerable entry point of the business network– the branch or home office. With each passing day, security breaches and attacks are getting more sophisticated and frequent. Due to the rise of cloud-based applications and IoT (e.g. cloud-managed HVAC or production line network sensor), the branch office is emerging as a point of concern that can potentially open the entire business to a host of vulnerabilities from the outside. Securing a branch office is not easy and it doesn’t make sense to backhaul all branch traffic through a centrally deployed firewall in the data center; correspondingly, the resulting latency impacts to application performance generally frustrate both IT and the end-users. Ideally, security software with features such as stateful firewall, denial of service, next-generation firewall, unified threat management, and antivirus (SD-Security) run at the network edge along with the routing and SD-WAN software. This single technology solution will enable the business to gain business benefits such as high-speed internet connections and fast application response time with improved network security. Deploying a solution with advanced security can be a challenge. Businesses should consider working with a strategic partner who has technical expertise. VergX is a managed services company that has years of experience in designing and operating SD-WAN / SD-Security and is the type of strategic partner a business can leverage. Through this type of relationship, a company gains a trusted partner and improves operating costs.