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Secure SD-WAN App Assure

Improve Quality for Critical Applications Like Voice and Video

Secure SD-WAN App Assure is used to provide businesses with integrated routing, SD-WAN, and security capabilities at each location. The offering includes an appliance and our software deployed at each site. The site can be any branch location, data center, or headquarters and can support up to 20G+ throughput.

Several configuration add-ons, such as our App Assure and advanced security bundles, are available for each location to meet our customers needs. App Assure enables any site to be configured so that a critical application, such as voice or video, can be routed through one of our gateways to improve the quality and reliability.

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Secure SD-WAN Enterprise leverages all available WAN underlays to provide resiliency, dynamic route selection, application prioritization, and advanced security for each site. Our dedicated engineering team has repeatable steps to ensure a smooth installation and support for each site. Once a site is up, we provide managed service with 24×7 monitoring, reporting, and analytics to give customers peace of mind on their network, security and critical applications.

Our Solutions and Benefits

  • Industry-leading SD-WAN and Security service
  • Works with any Internet provider, WAN underlay, and LTE
  • Fully managed all in one solution with simple bundled pricing