Given recent trends in teleworker policies, businesses are looking for an IT solution to enable home workers to leverage their existing residential internet connection to ensure their applications are secure and perform properly. The solution must ensure remote business transactions, calls, and emails are secure and perform with priority over non-critical applications such as social media and gaming.

This recent trend of remote (tele) workers is accelerating given changes in the economy and other health concerns. By enabling the home office with a secure and high performing solution, businesses can implement policies to meet their security needs, optimize their employee productivity, and reduce costs.

Given the recent trend of at-home workers, hackers are targeting employees and their business transactions. Home SD-WAN solution must ensure that hackers cannot penetrate the home office. This is accomplished by ensuring that the solution put at the home has the appropriate security policies that can be centrally administered and aligned with a company security requirement.

The key benefits of having this Home solution are:

  • Performance for business applications on the home residential internet connection
  • Security policies that meet corporate requirements for the business traffic at the Home office
  • Ability to support a secondary internet or LTE connection at the home office in real-time
  • A dedicated remote technical team for configuration and support
  • Simple monthly as a service cost

VergX repurposed its award-winning and certified enterprise Secure SD-WAN platform to provide a Home solution at a price point that businesses can easily implement and save money over having workers come to the office. The solution comes with our managed service to ensure the home office is implemented quickly and correctly. Any changes or support at the home office are handled by the VergX 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC).