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Secure SD-WAN Home

Make Your Home Internet Business Class

Prioritize Business Applications Over Social and Gaming

As businesses implement remote work policies due to the impact of COVID-19, VERGX has added Secure SD-WAN Home to its Secure SD-WAN product family. Secure SD-WAN Home is based on industry leading SD-WAN technology utilized by SMB and Enterprise businesses. VERGX delivers targeted features that enables remote employees to securely connect their home office and streamline critical business applications to have priority over non-critical applications such as social media and gaming.

Secure SD-WAN Home works great on residential Internet connections by securing your home office and improving your business application performance immediately. This is an ideal solution for home office employees that rely on applications such as Internet-based phone calls, video conferences, Office 365, while connecting to their corporate office using a VPN.

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Secure SD-WAN Home is based on our Secure SD-WAN Business. The home office will have the same certified technology at their house that is used in business locations worldwide and provide the benefits of application performance and security that businesses need for their remote employees.

Performance for business applications on home office connection

Security for your home office network

Dedicated remote technical team for configuration and support

Monthly “as-a-service” pricing

Secure SD-WAN Home FAQS

Hackers are penetrating remote home offices, does this protect me?

Yes, Secure SD-WAN Home comes with certified next generation firewall.

How does this work with existing Internet?

Secure SD-WAN Home works with and improves your current Internet connection.

What is in a Subscription?

A subscription includes a hardware device, network and security software, support, and a Business Class soft phone with a number for Windows PC.

What if I have a higher speed internet connection?

If you have a high-speed Internet connection (up to 2G), we will get you an upgraded device.

Can I return this service?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

How does it get installed?

A pre-configured router will be shipped to the home address with a simple connection guide and collaborative turn-up call with one of our engineers.

How does support work?

Our certified engineers located in the US provide technical support.