VergX announces the VPN as a Service (VPNaaS) offering as a complementary addition to its leading Secure SD-WAN product portfolio. This new offering is focused on the growing need for remote workers to have secure access to their company’s SD-WAN network. This offering along with VergX’s recently announced Secure SD-WAN Home service provides SMB and Enterprise businesses a set of productivity and security solutions for remote or at-home workers. VPNaaS is an add-on feature to our existing Secure SD-WAN product family which is powered by industry-leading Versa Networks technology.

VPNaaS uses client software running on any mobile or PC device type and provides the ability to split traffic on the device so non-business traffic flows to the internet and business-critical traffic passes over a secure connection back to a designated company SD-WAN location. This solution ensures that business traffic is securely passed to the SD-WAN network where further policies for security and performance can be applied as necessary. Our unique solution has the VPNaaS clients connect directly to an SD-WAN device thus simplifying the network design, providing a low cost of ownership, and ensuring business traffic has optimal security and application policies enabled.

The VPNaaS offering is priced per user and includes the client software, access server running on SD-WAN appliance, and 24×7 support. It is now available and can be requested through a VergX partner or via our website.