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Secure SD-WAN Offerings

Support your business with one of VergX’s tailored Versa Secure SD-WAN Solutions. Whether you are an enterprise sized organization, a SMB, or trying to find a solution for you employees to work securely from home, VergX has a service to fulfill your needs. 


As businesses implement remote work policies VERGX has added Secure SD-WAN Home to its Secure SD-WAN product family. Secure SD-WAN Home is based on industry leading SD-WAN technology, utilized by SMB and Enterprise businesses. Secure SD-WAN Home works great on residential Internet connections by securing your home office and improving your business application performance immediately. This is an ideal solution for home office employees that rely on applications such as Internet-based phone calls, video conferences, Office 365, while connecting to their corporate office using a VPN.


Secure SD-WAN SMB is a cloud based secure branch network service platform optimized for delivering “enterprise like” capabilities for critical business applications, cloud applications, and Internet traffic while enabling customers to reduce their WAN costs, improve site reliability, and meet evolving business transformation objectives. This offering is a feature rich managed service focused on next generation networking and security needs for Small to Medium sized businesses. We have years of experience with SD-WAN and have built our operation expertise and technical infrastructure around Versa Networks software and provide a best in class service experience.

Secure SD-WAN Enterprise | LEARN MORE

Secure SD-WAN Enterprise is cloud managed secure network service with bundled features for companies looking to deliver on their networking and security requirements for critical business applications. The offering enables customers to best meet their requirements and budgets to reduce their WAN costs, improve site reliability, and meet evolving business transformation. This feature rich fully managed service is for next generation and security needs for any business that has locations requiring a range of solutions including Enterprise requirements. Our Premier bundles enable businesses to select the optimal features for sites to optimize network spend and needed functionality.

Secure SD-WAN App Assure | LEARN MORE

Secure SD-WAN Enterprise App Assure is used to provide businesses with integrated routing, SD-WAN, and security capabilities at each location. The offering includes an appliance and our software deployed at each site. The site can be any branch location, data center, or headquarters and can support up to 20G+ throughput. Several configuration add-ons, such as our App Assure and advanced security bundles, are available for each location to meet our customers needs. App Assure enables any site to be configured so that a critical application, such as voice or video, can be routed through one of our gateways to improve the quality and reliability.

Versa Secure Access (SD-WAN Lite) | LEARN MORE

 This service secures a remote worker’s device with client software to create security for business applications. The solution runs on all remote worker device types (i.e. smartphone, iPad, laptop, computer) with policies to securely route business traffic back to a company SD-WAN site while sending best effort internet traffic directly to the internet.   VergX repurposed its award winning and certified enterprise Secure SD-WAN platform to provide remote worker software at a price point that businesses can easily implement and save money over having workers come to the office. The solution comes with our managed service to ensure the home office is implemented quickly and correctly. Any changes or support at the home office are handled by the VergX 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC).