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VergX offers SD-WAN as a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution for Resellers. This solution challenges traditional WAN strategies, bringing the SD-WAN technology down market faster allowing enterprises to use the technology partners (MSPs and Resellers) they trust to bring them SD-WAN.

As enterprises continue to increase their reliance on the cloud – Resellers need to shift customers’ network environments into a more strategic role to support this dependence.

VergX SD-WAN NaaS solution enables Resellers to offer this cutting-edge new WAN technology to customers without the significant investment in infrastructure. This passes substantial network cost reductions onto their clients while improving network deployments.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 50% of WAN edge infrastructure refreshes will be based on SD-WAN (it’s less than 2% today).

60% say WAN performance is key challenge for cloud growth
– Cisco Global Cloud Network Survey

WAN & Branch Networks: An Ongoing Challenge

As enterprises continue to adapt to the pace of technology, WANs and branch offices can hold back IT agility and projects.

The cloud dominates so many facets of business starting with core applications like CRM, HR and Microsoft Office. With SD-WAN, provisioning branch locations becomes faster. Basic changes and configurations are easier to implement – it enables branch architecture to become simpler with less administrative overhead and equipment costs.

The VergX solution enables enterprises to construct their enterprise WAN and branch office networks through a software-based and multi-service approach to SD-WAN – leveraging Versa software + low-cost providing a full set of integrated SD-WAN and SD-Security functions.

Enterprises can reduce the Capex and Opex of their WAN and branch networks while increasing IT responsiveness to business needs. The time required to manage the network is minimized, while strengthening security.

Reduce WAN costs and increase performance.

VergX enables enterprises to reduce WAN connectivity costs by integrating Internet and broadband alongside MPLS – resulting in options that are cheaper and have higher bandwidth.

The VergX SD-WAN solution can automatically identify more than 2,500 specific applications, and then maps them across MPLS and Internet/broadband based on business policy and app-specific SLAs.

For example, traffic to Oracle business applications in the enterprise data center can be routed over MPLS, while access to cloud apps like Salesforce.com and Workday, and non-business Internet traffic, is better enabled and costs less using a secure Internet connection. The result is lower overall WAN costs and higher performance through more bandwidth, direct cloud access and MPLS offload.

Increase IT agility from the network

VergX SD-WANs make the network an agile IT resource through a software-based approach that enables IT to rapidly provision new branch offices, dynamically add new network and security functions, and seamlessly scale capacity as required.

For example, as an enterprise makes the decision to move from traditional Microsoft Office and local Exchange Servers to Office365 in the cloud, the network team can rapidly add direct Internet access and security for each branch office to support faster and lower cost connectivity to the new cloud applications.

Opening a new branch office and deploying SD-WAN becomes quite easy. Simply ship a low-cost appliance, plug it in, and zero-touch configure through central management.

Simpler and more secure branch network.  With lower TCO.

VergX uses a software-based approach to SD-WAN and Security functions eliminating appliance sprawl in branch offices – placing a full featured set of capabilities onto a single appliance and any capacity increases can be quickly administered from the management platform.

Costs are significantly reduced by, replacing expensive hardware with software and low-cost appliances, reduced truck rolls with zero-touch provisioning and upgrades and ease of system scalability.

Branch security is also increased by adding functions by either adding functions, locally, in the data center or both.

For example, some organizations may opt to use SD-WAN with next-generation firewall and URL filtering in the branch and malware protection.