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Next Generation Firewall & Unified Threat Management

The most vulnerable point of an enterprise is the branch office – these offices usually don’t have IT on-site and use various kinds of transport (i.e. business class internet, broadband, MPLS, Ethernet, LTE, etc.) making it difficult to integrate networks and security products across these multi-site networks.

Gartner estimates that more than 30% of advanced threats will target these branch offices.

Software-based security functions increase branch security and simplify operations right away. This eliminates two of the biggest security hurdles – limited IT staff and complex network integrations. The software-defined approach to security leverages a virtualized network and functions that run on commodity hardware.

Our SD-WAN offerings include a robust set of base security features such as stateful layer 4 firewall, denial of service, encrypted traffic for SD-WAN, and site to site VPNs. In addition, security add-ons are available that provide advanced security features. 

The VergX software-based security solution enables you to provide a variety of functions, maximize cost efficiency, and simplify operations for your customers through zero-touch provisioning and automatic service chaining.