In today’s working environment, there are many external endpoints such as remote workers, third party suppliers, partners, and cloud platforms that must be secured from malicious security threats. Weak perimeter defenses allow intruders to gain access and move laterally within the internal network. The average organization uses over one thousand cloud services of which many are not managed with company security policies.   

With legacy VPN access, a company could be at risk from outside threats from lack of network segmentation, no application visibility, and limited user security. Legacy VPNs do not provide the necessary visibility and control capabilities for threat inspection. The emergence of Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions address these outside threats.

An SDP solution leverages deployed gateways on-premise or in a cloud to secure remote workers’ access from malicious threats. The gateways provide termination for the remote workers’ client software and enable advanced SD-WAN and security policies to be put in place for the business network.

Several analysts estimate that majority of businesses will phase out network VPNs in favor of software-defined perimeters called SDP by the end 2021. The recent surge in remote worker has further accelerated the need for these solutions. Businesses should address critical pain points with a consolidated Zero Trust network solution that provides the needed audits and segmentation capabilities to secure businesses cloud platforms, applications, and services for its remote workers.

The VergX SDP solution is based on its Versa Networks SD-WAN and SD-Security gateways (SDP Gateway) that can be deployed at any customer location, in the public cloud, or in VergX’s private cloud. The SDP gateways terminate remote worker devices over a secure encrypted connection and apply additional policies required for an SDP solution. These gateways can also provide IP-SEC IP VPN tunnels with any required entity such as partners or cloud application environments. The VergX offer is an add-on to its Versa Secure SD-WAN product family with a small additional charge for each client (remote worker). VergX provides a fully managed service to enable a cost-effective approach for a businesses’ growing work from home requirement. The managed service includes design, implementation, monitoring, support, and log management. The solution includes a rich set of analytics that are available for customer reporting, audit, and controls.