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We’ve assembled a comprehensive suite of Reseller Solutions designed to help our partners expedite entry into the Virtual Network Function (VNF) markets and quickly realize revenue. We’re here to help you understand & use the technology –SD-WANNext-Generation Firewall, and Unified Threat Management – grow your revenue & support your customers — so you can build a profitable & scalable VNF business.

Migration WAN & Security Solutions | LEARN MORE

Technology continues to change and with application traffic increasing, pushing bandwidth to its limits. However, it can be risky trying to guess the customers’ business bandwidth needs will be in three or five or 10 years – and often the maintenance required to maintain the network are beyond the scope of the IT staff.

This is where you can begin to transition your customers to SD-WAN and SD-Security. This shift will enable your customers to reduce TCO, increase their IT agility and take a different approach to both their network security and WAN.

Financial Services Solutions | LEARN MORE

Deliver a unique SD-WAN and SD-Security solution to enable financial services providers to truly software-define their WAN and branch with a cloud-native software platform. This solution delivers an integrated networking and multi-layer security services while simplifying and unifying visibility and analytics under a single-pane-of-glass interface.

Retail Solutions | LEARN MORE

Beyond the business priority for compliance and profitability, the retail customer experience has evolved and is driving a transformation of the in-store experience – from wireless, streaming video and targeted digital signage. Servicing the business and customers requires providing more digital and media-rich services while also being diligent about increasing the security and integrity of sensitive customer data. The legacy retail WAN and branch are not optimized to effectively provide and manage these new customer and productivity experiences.

Insurance Solutions | LEARN MORE

The typical centralized data center Internet access design and inherent complexity of securing hundreds of distributed locations with no local expertise has insurance IT teams realizing a transformation of the WAN is necessary. Servicing today’s business and commercial requirements necessitates providing more bandwidth cost-effectively, increasing the security and integrity of sensitive customer data and simplifying IT operations for hundreds of remote locations. The current WAN and branch infrastructure are not optimized and capable to provide these services in the cloud and digital transformation age.

Healthcare Solutions | LEARN MORE

VergX’s solution provides extensive analytics, savings, and security to bring greater control and flexibility to all of the locations in a practice. As security continues to become more of an issue, implementing a strong SD-WAN solution can help a health care provider keep the confidence of their patients.