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The rapid rise of cloud, SaaS and video traffic has quickly highlighted how outdated the existing branch and wide-area network (WAN) architectures of the last 20 years have become. The significant increase in bandwidth requirements from remote insurance offices for email, client engagements, voice and video creates challenges for existing MPLS-based infrastructure to keep up with demand. The typical centralized data center Internet access design and inherent complexity of securing hundreds of distributed locations with no local expertise has insurance IT teams realizing a transformation of the WAN is necessary. Servicing today’s business and commercial requirements necessitates providing more bandwidth cost-effectively, increasing the security and integrity of sensitive customer data and simplifying IT operations for hundreds of remote locations. The current WAN and branch infrastructure are not optimized and capable to provide these services in the cloud and digital transformation age.

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Deliver a unique SD-WAN and SD-Security solution to enable insurance companies to truly software-define their WAN and branch with a cloud-native software platform. This solution delivers integrated networking and multi-layer security services while simplifying and unifying visibility and analytics under a single-pane-of-glass interface.The cloud IP platform software-defines the branch and WAN, enabling faster service delivery, improved application performance and simpler branch and compliance management. The foundation for your customers’ digital transformation is through software-defining their WAN, branch and security resulting in solving their WAN problems today and preparing for the growing adoption of more cloud and digital services.