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Partner with VergX

As a VergX VNaaS (Versa Network-as-a-Service) Reseller, you will connect to a new set of opportunities, and take advantage of resources that will help you build your expertise, and grow your business.

We Make It Easy.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive suite of Reseller Solutions designed to help our partners expedite entry into the Virtual Network Function (VNF) markets and quickly realize revenue. We’re here to help you understand and use technology like SD-WANNext-Generation Firewall, and Unified Threat Management to grow your revenue & support your customers so you can build a profitable & scalable VNF business.

Get your customers up and running with the latest in networking and security solutions. Leverage our Versa Network-as-a-Service (VNaaS) program, to create a cost-effective, scalable SD-WAN and SD-Security offering that seamlessly integrates into your existing product portfolio.

Our VNaaS Program gives you the opportunity to expand your portfolio and bring SD-WAN and SD-Security to your customers in a streamlined approach. Leverage a top-tier SD-WAN service offering, without any of the infrastructure costs – just start selling and earning higher ARPU through richer services.

We Built It — You Just Sell It

Don’t lose time to market or hassle with infrastructure costs. Deliver the performance and reliability of Versa Networks without the overhead and capital expense of setting up your own SD-WAN service. With the VNaaS platform tee, up your service in minutes so you can sell, train and support customers ASAP. Simplify and optimize your customers’ WAN by consolidating multiple functions such as routing, SD-WAN, Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) — enabling a smooth transition from traditional architecture to a software defined infrastructure.


The Versa-as-a-Service program offers a true multi-tenant SD-WAN and SD-Security solution, with role-based admin capabilities and a rich set of analytics for you and your customers through a single pane of glass — branded for your company. Combine that with competitive pricing and a pay-as-you-go model that offers top of the line gross margins and you get an industry changing solution that increases ARPU.

Top-Rated Technical Support

Our sales engineers and support teams are Versa certified and committed to making sure you succeed — our program includes Tier 2 & 3 customer support and additional professional services — offerings like pre-and post-sales support, including access to demo environments, assistance closing deals and POC (Proof of Concept) support for your customers. We’ve removed all the barriers to your success and fill the gaps as you ramp up your offering. We’re dedicated to ensuring total satisfaction for your customers.

Flexibility & Scalability

The Versa Cloud IP Platform is a true, multi-tenant, cloud-enabled solution — so deployment and scaling to your customers’ needs is a snap — as are adding additional services like NGFW or UTM and making changes to the existing network. Resellers have the flexibility in placement of the Cloud IP Platform components to complement existing product portfolio and core offerings like UCaaS and other cloud applications.